Sunday, 8 November 2009

My leather scarves at Beuteltiere

Beuteltiere means Marsupials in German, you know those cute animals who carry their young in a pouch - we have a few famous ones in Australia - the kangaroo, koala, possums, wombats...

In this case though it's the name of the stylishly selected bags and accessories laden at Raumerstrasse 19 in Berlin Prenzlauerberg, where I now have a couple of my popular, limited edition, elegant leather scarves for sale, thanks to my dear friend Frau Dietel.

The shop is run by two lovely women Barbara Müller and Katrin Hufer who met as students of design studies. These women have a keen eye for quality, beauty and practicality in their selection of bags, wallets, scarves and jewellery from around the globe. They enjoy promoting the work of lesser known designers and thus it's in their store that you'll find unique pieces that others won't have!

The store is regularly updated with thematic decors, often in collaboration with creators of wondrous things such as origami Daschunds by Munich artist Jasmine T.

Sweet treats

My goodness how could it be November already? I was very busy with making costumes for Berlin theatre company Play2C's production of Edward Albee's The Goat, or Who is Sylvia? at English Theatre Berlin recently (see my personal website for pics). That's how it came to be November, oh yes!

Yesterday my partner Thomas took me to an exquisite pâtisserie here in Berlin, of which there is a branch near both our places... this is potentially dangerous in the best possible way! It's called Albrechts run by French-trained Stephanie Albrecht. The cakes are out of this world sublime, and each time I go I will now have to try a different one. A must for any serious sweet tooth.