Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Cherine Fahd & Todd Robinson

Cherine Fahd and Todd Robinson and their delightful young daughter Rei make up my favourite trio (after my sister and her little family!!). They are very dearest friends back home whom I miss!

Cherine is an award-winning photographic artist, represented here in Berlin by Gitte Weise Gallery. She and I lived in an apartment in sunny Bronte, Sydney, for a couple of years and there we shared a very artistically productive period, culminating in a joint exhibition called Musing in 2002 at Gallery 4A in Sydney. My work from that show The Missing Muse is featured on my website (link at right). I modelled in a many of Cherine's photos of that early period, such as Soft Sculpture, and the photo used in the bus shelter where Cherine sits, pictured above.

Todd, whose portrait I took above, had a successful, also award-winning, self-titled menswear label, when I met him during my fashion school days, (pictures above I took of his work that were published in Oyster Magazine), and then went on to become a wonderful artist. He also teaches design studies and fashion at University of Technology Sydney.

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