Saturday, 9 May 2009

Michael Leunig

Michael Leunig (portrait by Jacqueline Mitelman) is in my opinion Australia's National Living Treasure (as in the Japanese tradition!). He is a much loved cartoonist, poet and philosopher, whose wisdom a friend of mine En-En sent me the other day... My heart was touched - everytime I read one of his poems or look at his whimsical drawings, I just feel home and thankful that he exists to share his wisdom and humour with us! I've even had dreams about Mr Curly (top)...

Here is the Spring prayer that En-En sent me...

Dear God,
We celebrate Spring's returning and the rejuvenation of the natural world. Let us be moved by this vast and gentle insistence that goodness shall return, that warmth and life shall succeed, and help us to understand our place in this miracle. Let us see that as a bird now builds its nest, bravely, with bits and piece, so we must build human faith. It is our simple duty; it is the highest art; it is our natural and vital role within the miracle of Spring; the creation of faith.
Thank you Leunig

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