Friday, 4 September 2009

Mono Kultur - trust Tilda

Last night, true to Tilda's intention, my partner Thomas and I, along with a bunch of other curious souls, were taken on an adventure! We followed little posters of Tilda Swinton down a long path to a secluded little café Tante Käthe where the intelligent, and fascinating little magazine Mono Kultur was hosting its 4th anniversary and the launch of Issue #21 in collaboration with Tilda Swinton, intelligent and endlessly fascinating woman.

She had selected a film for us to watch, which was set in the town where she was last night holidaying in Scotland, and none of us knew what it would be - she wanted it to be like when you're a child and are taken to the cinema, not knowing anything about what you will see but you go willingly for the adventure. It was I Know Where I'm Going, 1945, directed by Michael Powell, and it was GREAT. Trust Tilda.

To keep the passion alive in generations to come, she and her friend Mark Cousins have set up an organisation called where kids can choose a film on their 8½th birthday!!

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