Friday, 28 January 2011

Cydwoq shoes

I have owned a much-admired pair of these gorgeous, handmade, ergonomic and uniquely stylish Cydwoq shoes for many years. That's one beauty - they last and last!

Available worldwide and still made by hand, using in-house vegetable-dyed leather, in a large factory in California, the Cydwoq company is a fine example of staying true to self. The founder Rafi Balouzian comes from a line of shoemakers and continued his family tradition out of his simple passion for walking and nature... and every foot deserves to walk in utter comfort and style! (blog)

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  1. I also love Cydwoq shoes SO MUCH!!! I own those green sandals. You must have snagged that photo from my favorite Cydwoq source, Ped Shoes. I love Ped! They are always so nice when I have questions, plus the shoes they carry are the coolest!