Friday, 25 February 2011


Semi-Domesticated is an initiative of Deidre Ritsche (Canada) and Anette Hansen (Norway), two friends who live in Kreuzberg Berlin. They are lovers of vintage, recycled, upcycled fashion, furniture and design, and curate (roughly) monthly Show & Sell events for young designers whose work fits this criteria, in their little boutique on Manteuffelstrasse.

Their recent Valentine's Day event was a treasure trove of vintage clothes, corsets, jewellery, naughty lamps, feather fascinators etc, showcased in a boudoir atmosphere, complete with handmade lingerie lightfitting!

The next event is Birds of Spring on 5th & 6th March. My recycled leather bird brooches are included in this next show and sell, which will take place while I am in hospital still, post birth! So, any Berliners reading, get to Kreuzberg and help bring spring to Berlin. I will look forward to seeing photos.

Manteuffelstrasse 58, 10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg

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