Sunday, 5 April 2009

Treasure for the spirit

All art and beauty comes from the spirits to us, through us, in my humble opinion, and here I wanted to share a couple of practices that make my spirit soar and my body very happy too!!

Appropriately somehow after the previous Nick Cave post, I'll start with a form of meditation I've been doing for a while called 5 Rhythms dancing. It was started in New York by Gabrielle Roth and you can find it all over the world now thank heavens... I started it back in Sydney and do it here too (there are 6 teachers in Berlin!). (my teacher Dagmar Cee's site)

Secondly, a while ago I discovered here in Berlin the wonderful The Creative Module which encompasses Osho Meditation Studio, Play-2-C Performing Arts space and The Body Mind Institute. Located in Kreuzberg and run by partners Ali von Stein (Germany) and Krisana Locke, whom I photographed above (Australia), this is a place of fun, celebration, healing, creativity and wellbeing on many levels!

Their vision is "to offer a place where each individual can explore and grow spiritually, physically and emotionally. To express themselves; to inspire and to be inspired."

I've been discovering the absolutely amazing benefits of Dynamic Meditation (among the many Osho developed) and would heartily recommend it as a form of meditation for those of us who perhaps need more active forms to connect with the stillness inside us.

Ali and Krisana also founded the Meditation Module in New York, which is the sister space to the one here.

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