Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Peter Solness photography

Shortly after arriving I saw a couple of free photography exhibitions within Customs House down at Circular Quay, one by Peter Solness that I liked very much - Nocturnal, on until 31st January 2010. In this series, Solness draws at night with a light source such as a torch, while his camera lens is open for a long exposure, creating beautiful luminous line drawings in bush landscapes around Australia. In this case, technology and nature fit together peacefully.


  1. Hi Eloise
    I worked on publicity for the Peter Solness show (as well as the ModelCity show) at Customs House. In putting together web links I came across your site. You seem to have found all the secret and lovely spots here in Sydney and I liked reading your comments. I work with photographers and galleries in Sydney - would you like to be on the mailing list for more upcoming shows? A friend of mine has just returned from Berlin - he is a musician. cheers. Cassandra French

  2. thanks for your lovely comment Cassandra! I'd love to be on your mailing list, yes.
    I was born in SYdney and so have lots of favourite spots to which I will return again and again when visits to the lovely southern hemisphere permit.

    Meanwhile life grows here in the icy wonderland of Berlin... stay in touch, Eloise