Thursday, 20 May 2010

Roeckl Gloves

Blogging has been lower on the to-do list of late due to my impending wedding, but I can't help wanting to share some of the treasures that will play a part in the big day/s.

Roeckl is a very well-respected German glove brand - a family business dating back to 1839 when Jakob Roekl had a vision "to make the finest gloves possible". Today it's run by sixth generation Roeckl family member Annette Roeckl (pictured).

The leathers used are divine and the designs range from absolutely classic to contemporary beauty and sexiness, with stunning attention to detail. I have splurged on a pair of cuffs for my wedding and will also enjoy wearing them after the wedding day.

Ladies and Gents, get your gloves on!

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