Saturday, 22 May 2010

Touch wood rings

our rings are African Blackwood outside and lined with greyed Maple. The rings pictured below are examples of other possibilites amongst many!

Being true nature sprites, my husband-to-be and I chose to have beautiful wooden wedding rings (top picture) handcrafted by David Finch in Canada. He and his charming wife Nicola run Touch Wood Rings and live in a natural oasis where they are really careful to tread lightly on the Earth.

We are thrilled with our rings which are acclimatising to German air temperature at the moment from their flight over the seas, before the big day.

For the warmth and beauty of wood, and for those willing to care for their rings like they will their marriage, these are a beautiful option for an alternative wedding ring... There are many woods to choose from and inlays are possible too.


  1. beautiful and so un usualxlynda

  2. Hi Lynda, yes they are so beautiful. We love to wear our wood rings - they are WARM on the skin. Thank you for your comment, enjoy your weekend.