Thursday, 19 February 2009

Pip Culbert

I'm a huge fan of artist Pip Culbert's work. Basically anything that involves clothing, textiles or fabric moves me in the heart and I am instantly drawn in. I discovered this English-born artist at Gitte Weise Gallery when it was in Sydney (it's now in Berlin - see also my Maria Kontis post), and I bought one of her pockets... She cuts away all the interior fabric of clothing, tents, bags, flags etc, to reveal the structure in the seams. I look forward to her show at the end of the year here in Berlin, so Gitte tells me!


  1. oh wow, i think i am in love. thank you for turning me on to this innovative artist.

  2. Hi Jillian, glad to have inspired you! She's a true treasure... I fell in love the moment I set eyes on her work!

    Love your blogs - will look more closely and keep watching.
    thanks for your comment!