Saturday, 21 February 2009

Sophie Calle

Today I went on an "Artist Date" (anyone who's read and worked through Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way will know what I'm talking about - and yes, this woman deserves her own post!!) and took myself to the Sophie Calle exhibition here at the private gallery Arndt & Partner, in the fashionable gallery district at Zimmerstraße 90-91, near Checkpoint Charlie.

For this exhibition called "Où? Quand?" she worked with a clairvoyant to give her guidance as to where she should go and when, and then checked in with her along the way for further instruction... and there were signs that they used to 'confirm' they were on the right path... I'm fascinated by the processes Sophie Calle uses to let chance and "random parallel synchronicity" (kind of stolen from the beautiful film The Science of Sleep) come into play... She's quite a cheeky, daring and sometimes controversial woman!


  1. She's one of my favourites. DOUBLE GAME was one of the most influential things I ever looked at/read at uni. Think she partly formed my adult mind. Wish I could have been with you and then for a cup of coffee in the snow!! x m

  2. oh darling, me too wish you could have been there! sent you a reply by email...
    xx e