Thursday, 25 October 2012

April Aromatics

A fellow mother at our son's Kita, Tanja Bochnig, makes 100% organic handmade perfumes under the name April Aromatics.

I have yet to smell them myself but reading the ingredients makes my nose twitch with curiosity! They sound beautiful and as heavenly as some of their names. This former model and yoga teacher likes to walk barefoot in all seasons (just like my husband), and she conjures with passion, heart and some angelic help, her sacred, scented creations.

Available through her own online shop and also at selected retailers.


  1. Eloise, I just see this sweet of you!!! Thank you.

  2. Well lovely, now that I have smelt them, I can truly attest to their beauty. I particularly love the way they "age" through the day. Thomas loves Calling All Angels on me too ;-)