Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Today we were out walking after taking our son to the doctor - he's on the mend - and my husband spotted an item that screamed "I need to join Eloise's wardrobe", and so it did, just like that!

A beautiful 100% yak wool hood by Shokay, like a suit of armour in bright colours (see picture left, though without the fur). Finally something to satisfy my need for a new headpiece for winter that is stylish and cosy.
The shop is full of divine handknits, all made from 100% Tibetan yak wool and knitted by hand in China by a women's collective.
And then there are beautiful, comfy, huge inviting cushions in various fabrics, that were an instant hit with Benedikt.

The showroom is tucked into the Fasanen Passage between Uhland and Fasanenstrasse in Wilmersdorf/Charlottenburg and Audrey Heppner, the owner, can be contacted on 030 8892 9223.

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