Thursday, 22 January 2009

and on women...

Some things I like on women are:

1. a vintage, perhaps 40s dress, cinched in at waist
2. desert boots with such an elegant dress - shoes that dress it down
3. and then divinely elegant shoes, that make it a period look almost
4. a man's hat
5. a pair of higher waist tailored pants
6. an ethnic style coat - the real deal...
7. a lovely relaxed chignon to reveal the neck
8. a sharp bob cut
9. a man style suit or even just the jacket (possibly shared with a male companion)
10. a delicate, feminine shirt with pinstripe pants
11. an elegantly, nonchalantly worn silk scarf
12. a folky smock
13. black stockings with seam down the back
14. a heavily tattooed girl with a pretty dress on, despite what my grandma says
15. a dress or shirt that buttons down the back
16. a knitted dress
17. a big cosy mansize sweater

there will be others...

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