Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Ursula Rucker

She's not new treasure to me... I discovered her listening to the radio in Sydney back in 2005 - her song words "Can I live up to my own potential?" screamed out to me and I pricked up my ears and listened to what this beautiful woman had to say. And then magically a couple of weeks later I found that she was due to give a concert in Sydney at the Opera House (my favourite building!!!) in the Studio and so I raced to get tickets for the show which was 2 days after my birthday that year, and went with 2 gorgeous friends Nicolle and Céline. That night ended up being very special - I met my dear friend Csaba who shares the same birthdate as me! Ursula was superb - she's a poet and musician from Philadelphia, and her silky smooth voice purrs the most powerful lyrics. Definitely one to check out, and I'm dying to buy her new album!!!! I'm listening to her at myspace below and still getting goose bumps...


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