Thursday, 22 January 2009

The Sartorialist

Note: For copyright reasons, the images in this post are my own!
My beautiful friend Krisana told me tonight about this wonderful blog for those interested in style on the street, and I'm in heaven browsing this site...

On a related note, after the class Krisana gave tonight, one of my fellow pupils was wearing a pink shirt under his many winter layers and a glimpe of it stuck out from his black overcoat, which immediately caught my attention! It's a nostalgic thing for me as my dad looked great in a pink shirt.

So, for starters... some of my favourite things on men are:
1. pink shirts
2. leather shoes (old fashioned style)
3. leather moccasin style shoes with no socks - not sure if only Italian men can wear this...
4. men riding a bicycle in a complete suit
5. the flourish of a hanky in the pocket of their jacket
6. 'dandy' texture or pattern combinations
7. a splash of colour in an otherwise monochrome outfit, say the socks or that hanky or a belt - a little sign of fun!
8. jumpers, or sweaters as others call them
9. desert boots
10. a man who's not afraid of colour, fullstop
11. a stripey t-shirt

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