Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Sang Bleu

Thanks to my photographer friend Liz in Sydney I discovered this gorgeous magazine, based in Lausanne Switzerland, focusing on the wonderful world of tattoos... Being a fan of tattooing, as my friends know, I was thrilled to learn about such a classy publication on tattoos, and Liz suggested I contact the editor about my series of tattoo portraits. So I did, and Maxime liked the shots enough to include them on his fantastic blog. I could spend hours browsing all the treasure on the Sang Bleu blog!!! Obviously the SB team is a fascinating bunch of people... I look forward hopefully to a visit to Lausanne this year to make contact in person, and perhaps get a new tattoo... For all those interested in tattooing, try to get your hands on the latest issue III/IV, a huge double issue which is stunning.


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